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One of our newest client’s, Angela Logan of Mortgage Apple Cakes, talks with us about her kosher bake shop and why she chose National Kosher Supervision! (BONUS: Get 10% OFF your Mortgage Apple Cakes purchase when you use promo code below!) 


Q. What inspired you to start your company? A. The specter of foreclosure inspired me to start my company. In 2009, during the mortgage/financial crisis, my home was under foreclosure. So I set a goal to bake 100 cakes in 10 days and asked my friends to buy them to save my home from foreclosure.  An article written about my story in the Record Newspaper sparked international news; my apple cakes were shipped all over the United States, saving my home, and overnight, the Mortgage Apple Cake brand was created!

Q. What were you doing before this?
A.  I was an actress/print model for 30 years.  During the tough times, I would do substitute teaching.  However, in 2009, many people lost their jobs, and as a result, teaching jobs were quickly gobbled up. It was frightening to discover that at 55 years of age, a master’s degree in Dance/Physical Education wasn’t useful.  However, some of the college credits were useful if I went back to school.  I created a five year plan.  In that plan, I studied to become a nurse, taking anatomy, physiology and chemistry classes as prerequisites.  For immediate money, I worked in a hair salon. I figured that even if I lost my house, I would be in control of my life within five years. I really enjoyed the physiology and chemistry classes. However, the money from the salon wasn’t enough to pay my mortgage and my feet really hurt. (I really respect the hair profession even more now).  That’s when I decided to sell apple cakes.

Q. Which menu items are the biggest sellers?  
A. My best sellers are the Original Mortgage Apple Cakes, made with fresh juicy apples, whole wheat flour, cream cheese frosting, and organic sugars and spices. The Apple Rum Upside-down Cakes and the Caramel Apple Cakes are also great sellers.  My little Apple Rum Bites have also become a favorite.  And people really like my Mini Apple Pound Cakes with orange essence and Ghirardelli White Chocolate drizzle!

Q.  Where did the name of your company come from?  A.The name was created by my son’s and I.  They love the apple cake with cream cheese frosting.  When I asked them, they agreed that I should sell the cake, and that the name should be, Mortgage Apple Cakes…no no, Apple Mortgage Cakes, no no…  It went on until I decided on Mortgage Apple Cakes.  When the story became national news, the brand was sealed!

Q. Who creates the recipes? A.  I create the apple cake recipes.  My son Nicolas helps me to create all of my non-apple recipes.  He was cooking since he was 2 years of age.  He studied culinary arts at Johnson and Wales University.  When the story began, he was still in high school.

Q. Why go Kosher?  
A.  I live in Teaneck, New Jersey, where a large population eats kosher.  It was also suggested by many potential customers at farmer’s markets and at my bakery.

Q. Why National Kosher Supervision? A.  A potential customer suggested that this would be a widely accepted kosher supervision in our town, and after I learned more about Rabbi Mehlman, I was sold!

Q. What have you had to change in your business to meet the needs of the kosher consumer?  A. All of my ingredients were already kosher.  I had to only make our kitchen kosher.

Q. Any advice for someone looking to start their own food business?  A. A person starting a business should first create a business plan.  One should look at several models of the kind of business they would like to start. Go on line to check for those companies’ market shares and competitors etc.  Get advice from the economic development agency in your town, join the Small Business Administration, and get advice and counseling from SCORE and the SBA.  And above all, know the people you want to serve and how you want to serve them!

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Angela Logan’s Mortgage Apple Cake Bakery & Cafe
740 Chestnut Avenue
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Instagram: @mortgageapplecake

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday:
11am – 7pm
Friday & Saturday
11am – 8pm
11am – 6pm

Instagram: @nationalkosher
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National Kosher Supervision is a full service kosher certifying agency located in the greater New York area. We have experience working with a variety of food service industries. Our clients value our affordability, friendly staff, and attention to detail. We treat your business like our own and we want you to succeed! Our Executive Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman, is the highly respected Rabbi of Congregation Ohav Sholom in Manhattan. He is an alumnus of Brisk (Jerusalem) and Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood) where he received his ordination. 

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman, Executive Rabbinic Director 

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