Rosh Hashanah Treats!

By The Way Bakery Founder & CEO Helene Godin shares the dairy + gluten free bakery’s Rosh Hashana Menu with National Kosher Supervision! (To place your holiday orders, see store locations below).  

Helene Godin with National Kosher Supervision Executive Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

I’m delighted to share By the Way Bakery’s High Holiday menu for 2017! In addition to several popular items from our regular menu, we’re introducing an exciting new product – a gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher pareve cheesecake. 

Yes, you read that correctly! Our new cheesecake is made without dairy of any kind. And yet it’s as smooth and flavorful as the best cheesecake you’ve ever tasted.

BTW Bakery Apple Cake
BTW Bakery Challah
BTW Bakery Honey Cake

Why did a bakery renowned for its dairy-free sweets decide to offer a cheesecake? Because our customers deserve it!

From the day the first By the Way Bakery opened its doors in May of 2011, our goal has been to offer products as good as – if not better than – conventional baked goods.  For obvious reasons, a cheesecake was particularly daunting. However, after months of product development, including sourcing just the right ingredients, the BTW kitchen created a marble cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust that’s nothing short of incredible.

BTW Bakery Marble Cheesecake

We’re so proud of the newest addition to the By the Way Bakery repertoire that we’ll be sampling it regularly at each of our four locations (see list below). (Of course, we’re happy to deliver one to your office, so you can share it with your colleagues.)

The current projection is that we’ll sell hundreds just for the Jewish holidays, but that number could be higher once our customers try it!

BTW Bakery Sour Cherry Cake
Lemon Poppy Swirl

Among the other desserts on the BTW High Holiday menu are our Old-Fashioned Apple Cake, our signature Sour Cherry Coffee Cake, our new Lemon Poppy Swirl, the traditional Honey Cake, Rugelach, and, of course, Challah. 

Wishing you a sweet, gluten-free New Year! L’Shanah Tova!

By The Way Bakery Locations
Upper West Side
2442 Broadway, NYC

Phone: (212) 877- 0806
Upper East Side
1236 Lexington Avenue, NYC

Phone: (212) 988 – 3300
574 Warburton Avenue, Westchester, NY

Phone: (914) 478 – 0555
Greenwich, CT 
19 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT
Phone: (203) 489 – 3610
Visit their website:
Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman with Helene Godin, Owner By The Way Bakery
Rabbi Mehlman in front of By The Way Bakery, Upper West Side
Jenna and Rose of By The Way Bakery with Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

Questions? Comments? Or to obtain Kosher supervision, please contact us:
(917) 405-7222

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Eager to learn more? Contact Helene Godin, the Founder & CEO of By the Way Bakery —; (914) 318-9385.

See below for more of our kosher supervised stores! 

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