A BTW Bakery Thanksgiving & 16 HANDLES Offer

Our client, By The Way Bakery Founder & CEO Helene Godin shares the dairy + gluten free bakery’s Thanksgiving Menu with National Kosher Supervision! To place your holiday orders, see store locations below. PLUS, scroll down for an awesome 16 HANDLES offer! 

All BTW Bakery locations are certified Kosher Pareve under National Kosher Supervision (see additional Kashrus information below). 

As predicted, the By the Way Bakery pareve cheesecake is a runaway success story! In addition to offering the marble cheesecake that was on our High Holiday menu, we’re offering a new pumpkin cheesecake on our Thanksgiving menu.

By The Way Bakery Kashrus Information: 
All products are Pareve (except milk for coffee).

Shutuf Akum for Shabbos/ Yom Tov

All products Sheha’kol EXCEPT granola which is ha’adamah and Challah which is Hamotzei.

All baked goods produced in commissary under the OK Kosher Supervision.

Cholov Yisroel milk available in marked containers only

Not For Passover Use

All items may be purchased immediately after Passover

(Leslie Kahan Photography) 

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Helene Godin
Founder & CEO
By the Way Bakery
cell: (914) 318-9385

By The Way Bakery Locations
Upper West Side
2442 Broadway, NYC

Phone: (212) 877- 0806Upper East Side
1236 Lexington Avenue, NYC

Phone: (212) 988 – 3300

574 Warburton Avenue, Westchester, NY

Phone: (914) 478 – 0555

Greenwich, CT 
19 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT
Phone: (203) 489 – 3610PLEASE CALL FOR HOLIDAY HOURS! 

Visit their website: http://www.btwbakery.com/


Questions? Comments? Or to obtain Kosher supervision, please contact us:
(917) 405-7222

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See below for more of our kosher supervised stores! 

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