All About 16 HANDLES!

Our client 16 Handles talks with us about their popular  frozen yogurt chain and why they love working with National Kosher Supervision! 


1. Who started 16 Handles?

16 Handles was created in 2008 by Solomon Choi.

3. How many 16 Handles stores are there?  

Currently, we have 35 locations on the east coast, with three set to open in the coming months. There are also 3 locations in the Mid-East.

4.  Which menu items are the biggest sellers?

Customers love our classic artisan Tahitian Vanilla frozen yogurt, as well as our delicious Cookies and Cream and our refreshing So Fresh Mango Sorbetto. 

5.  Where did the name of your company come from?

The name “16 Handles” refers to the 16 handles of soft serve flavors dispensed in each 16 Handles location, and is a cheeky play on 16 Candles, a cult favorite ’80s coming-of-age film directed by John Hughes.

6.  Who creates the yogurt flavors?

Our chef develops our artisan flavors in-house from scratch!

7.  Why go Kosher?

We are all about being inclusive and having something for everyone, and we deeply care about the needs and wants of our consumers. There is increasing demand among American consumers for kosher products. The market includes everyone from vegans to those who are lactose intolerant. 16 Handles is proud to serve kosher certified products to our valued customers.

***NOT all 16 Handles stores are kosher certified. Check store window for Kosher certificate. For the list of National Kosher Supervision certified 16 Handles stores, email

8.  Why National Kosher Supervision?

We chose National Kosher Supervision because Rabbi Mehlman has an unwavering standard, is a resource to our store owners, and personally treats each business as if it were his own. Having a partner that is looking out for us and pushing our success is invaluable.

9.  What have you had to change in your business to meet the needs of the kosher consumer?

We use kosher as a lens for product quality. Products must meet a high quality standard to be introduced within our stores, which includes being kosher certified.

10.  Any advice for someone looking to start their own food business or franchise?  

CEO Solomon Choi says, “In order to scale efficiently, I recommend the following: build the operations so that it can easily be replicated, build out the store so you can add additional equipment easily in the future, and make sure to have some offerings that will not go out of style when trends change.”

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National Kosher Supervision is a full service kosher certifying agency located in the greater New York area. We have experience working with a variety of food service industries. Our clients value our affordability, friendly staff, and attention to detail. We treat your business like our own and we want you to succeed! Our Executive Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman, is the highly respected Rabbi of Congregation Ohav Sholom in Manhattan. He is an alumnus of Brisk (Jerusalem) and Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood) where he received his ordination. 

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