Kashrus update & clarification: ANITA GELATO 

Anita Gelato at 1561 2nd Avenue, NYC  is NO longer under National Kosher Supervision.

Effective immediately we have revoked their certification.

There is NO Anita Gelato store that is kosher supervised.

National Kosher Supervision recently removed kosher certification from Anita Gelato due to violations regarding shmiras shabbos.
Our kashrus standards require that NO Jewish employees work behind the counter on Shabbos or Yom Tov, both in food production or retail.
After multiple warnings, deadlines and extensions, our requests were blatantly ignored and even defied.
Anita is comprised of a vast array of ingredients from Israel and around the world and an environment of frequent and vigorous rabbinic inspections and commitment to Halacha and shabbos are crucial.
Absent any of these criteria results in a complete lack of ne’emanis.


Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

Executive Rabbinic Director 

National Kosher Supervision