Helene Godin, Owner, By The Way Bakery 

“When customers see the National Kosher Supervision sign in the window, they know that By the Way Bakery baked goods meet the highest Kashrut standards”.

Seth Berkowitz, Owner, Insomnia Cookies (405 Amsterdam Ave. location)

I wanted to expand the reach of the company and provide the opportunity to my community. As a national brand, we were looking for a partner to help support our chain in the future. We’ve always had Kosher ingredients we just needed a great partner in National Kosher Supervision.” 

David, Owner, Lucky Rolls Ice Cream  

“We decided to go kosher because a lot of Jewish people have been wanting to try Thai rolled ice cream. None of the current Thai rolled ice cream shops thought of being kosher so we decided to be the first to bring it to the Kosher consumer.  A Jewish customer who came in recommended us to National Kosher Supervision and  spoke really highly of the organization. We really did not have to change much because all of the ice cream ingredients we were using were already kosher. “

Judy Marlow, Owner, Simply Divine Catering 

“I always liked Rabbi Mehlman.  And, I like working with an individual rather than a large company that represents a brand.  Rabbi Mehlman introduced us to Rabbi Cymet who we have enjoyed getting to know. Because something is kosher doesn’t mean it can’t be fantastic in taste and style. “

Jack Gold, Owner, Manhattanville Coffee 

“We chose National Kosher Supervision after meeting with Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman. He is very knowledgeable about both the restaurant industry and the Kashrus field, and he was able to show us how to easily make some small adjustments to our menu and process to meet the Kosher standard of the organization”.

Angela Logan, Owner, Mortgage Apple Cakes 

“I live in Teaneck, New Jersey, where a large population eats kosher.  National Kosher Supervision was suggested by many  people at farmer’s markets and at my bakery. A potential customer suggested that this would be a widely accepted kosher supervision in our town, and after I learned more about Rabbi Mehlman, I was sold!”

Solomon Choi, CEO, 16 Handles 

“We chose National Kosher Supervision because Rabbi Mehlman has an unwavering standard, is a resource to our store owners, and personally treats each business as if it were his own. Having a partner that is looking out for us and pushing our success is invaluable.

National Kosher Supervision is proud to serve our special clients!