Playa Bowls Kosher Locations

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***Please note that our hashgachah extends only to the branches that are specifically cited on our teudot (certificates). Incorrectly assuming that one branch of a food provider is kosher just because another one is a common mistake people make. Please check for our valid kosher certificate with exact address in the store window.  
Q. I keep Chalav Yisrael so it is really hard to know what is truly Parve. The Playa Pitaya, Playa Acai, Playa mango, Playa Coconut and Chia pudding, are these made with Dairy?
A. Read the teudah carefully – it is hanging in the front window. The only dairy in the store is Nutella and Whey Protein Mix, vanilla and chocolate flavors.
Q. Which products are dairy at PLAYA BOWLS? 
A. Whey protein mix and Nutella drizzle.
Q. I saw that the Playa Bowls in Englewood is kosher with your hechsher. Would it be ok to purchase certain items in another location? Don’t all the mixes come from the same factory?
 A. Unfortunately, there is no “one” factory. Playa Bowl is a franchise and each franchisee is responsible for all items on menu and there is some latitude in regards to purchasing. The “mixes” are produced from raw ingredients on-site and can vary from store to store. I would not purchase from a store without a valid hechsher.

Q.  I have a question regarding the certification you give for PLAYA BOWLS.  A friend of mine told me that the certification doesn’t cover fresh strawberries. Can you please clarify if the whole store is under your supervision or it goes by product? What are your standards for checking for worms?

A. Correct, the fresh strawberries are not under supervision as it states clearly on the certificate

This issue is spider mites not worms
There are no issues with the frozen strawberries
Fresh strawberries are washed but not k’halacha – the teudah warns the customer not to order that fruit topping.
Blueberries and all other products are fine
All other leafy vegetables are ground up in smoothies and pose no problem l’halacha
Q. Regarding not ordering strawberries at Playa bowl, how does this affect the rest of the preparation surfaces ? I assume they are serving strawberries to other people and I assume using the same equipment. 

A. The fresh strawberries are prepared in bulk at one time in the AM in the back of the store/kitchen area. All surface areas and knives are thoroughly cleaned afterwards so there is an extremely remote possibility a bug was transferred from one fruit to the next.

Q. Is one able to eat at the Nanuet Playa Bowls location after Pesach?

A.  As stated on the certificate, food may be purchased immediately after Passover in all of our stores since we sell the chometz and buy it back immediately after Passover is over.

Additionally, some stores are owned by goyim and obviously have zero issues regarding sale of chometz.