Fully Kosher Dunkin’ Donuts Stores

Dunkin’ Donuts Stores with SELECT kosher items

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***Please note that our hashgachah extends only to the branches that are specifically cited on our teudot (certificates). Incorrectly assuming that one branch of a food provider is kosher just because another one is a common mistake people make. Please check for our valid kosher certificate with exact address in the store window.  

Q. Regarding Dunkin’ Donuts stores that bear your hashgacha, I’m noticing some things on their menu which seem questionable. Is the whole store under your hashgocha, or just the donuts and coffee? Ham and bacon appear on the breakfast menu. Is this a pareve equivalent or the real thing? It is listed on the menu as such.  Isn’t there a problem of gevinas akum with cheese in the store? Is there a mashgiach present? What about ordering it with Ubereats? I ordered with Ubereats and it came without any taped seal. Please advise. 

A.  A Dunkin’ Donuts store that bears a full kosher certificate FULLY KOSHER STORES means that the entire store is under supervision. Some stores bear a limited certificate LIMITED CERTIFICATION in which only the baked goods are kosher. No mashgiach temidi is necessary. There is no cooking on establishment. Our kashrus inspectors visit frequently unannounced.
The fake ham and bacon is plant based, dairy, and bears an OK hechsher.
The cheese is of course not gevinas akum. It is usually Miller’s or Haolam brands and bears an OU or OK hechsher
Q.  Are all baked goods at the Dunkin Donut stores dairy or are some of them are Pareve?
A.  All of their baked goods are dairy non-Cholov Yisroel. They all contain powdered milk and some icing or fillers have liquefied milk as well. The bagels are pareve however they are baked in a dairy oven and all products are non pas Yisroel.
Q. Are all Tri-state Dunkin’ Donut donuts/bagels Kosher?

A.  No. Baked goods products can only be purchased at a kosher certified store. Each franchisee is responsible for their own products and many of them are produced in the same ovens with actual not Kosher food products. One should not eat in a Dunkin’ Donuts location that is not kosher supervised (drinking is another story).


Q. I was wondering if you have a list of all the coffee and frozen drinks you can purchase at non kosher Dunkin’ Donuts stores.  Please advise.
 A. You can purchase any beverage at a non kosher Dunkin’ Donuts store as long as it is a flavor sold at a kosher location.  As long as you verify that the exact same flavor is available to drink in a kosher location, it is fine to drink at a not kosher store.
Q. There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts where I’d like to buy Large Hot containers of Tea or Cafe. I believe the container is referenced as JOE. Any feedback welcomed.
A. Any drink that can be bought at a kosher Dunkin’ Donuts store can be bought in a non-kosher store, as long as it is the same flavor. Regular hot tea and coffee are fine.
Q. Can any of the drinks (other then plain coffee) sold in stores from your SELECT list be considered kosher (i.e. lattes, coolatas, cappuccino)? Is there a list for that? 
A. Any drink which is sold in a fully kosher Dunkin Donuts store can be purchased at a limited certified store. Make sure it is the same flavor sold in the kosher store.
Q.  I am trying to make sure which Dunkin’ Donuts stores in Brooklyn are acceptable for their donuts, cookies and coffee and which ones for coffees are acceptable.  
 A.  The list on our website is up to date for fully kosher stores in Brooklyn where you can purchase the baked goods. Coffee can be purchased at a non kosher Dunkin store.
Q. Are the kosher Dunkin’ stores pas Yisroel?
 A. No.
Q. I have heard mixed information on the status of the Dunkin hot chocolate. I have asked to see the hot cocoa powder in a few stores (non-supervised) and there is no Hasgacha or information on the bag, yet I have heard some Rabonim say it is fine. I was curious to hear your opinion on this matter.
 A. The regular hot chocolate mix is Kosher. The Kosher symbol is on the box not the individual bag.
Q. Does hashgacha on Dunkin’ Donuts through 12/31 mean it has sold Chametz (or owned by goy)?
 A. All of our stores owned by Jewish owners were required to sell their chometz. Half of our stores are owned by goyim. Either way, any store with our hashgacha is totally fine to eat after Pesach.
Q. When is it permitted to purchase from Dunkin Donuts motzei Pesach? 
A. You can purchase one-half hour after the chag has concluded.
Q.  Are the Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatas drinks considered pareve when bought from a store with hashgacha?

A. Some for sure are dairy, such as the Vanilla Bean flavor.  Possibly the strawberry or watermelon are pareve. Our supervision states clearly that everything in the store is considered dairy.

You would have to look at the individual box. You can request to see a container of the Coolata mix and if it has a simple OU etc., it is pareve because no actual milk is added it

Q. Are Dunkin’ kosher bottled drinks kosher?


A. Unfortunately we do not give supervision on any bottled drinks you would have to call DD corporate will go on their website and see if they have Kosher supervision to their drinks.
Q. Can someone Israeli who celebrates only 1 day of Pesach eat at a kosher Dunkin Donuts on the second day of Yom Tov? 
A. The store is owned by non-Jews so it was never a problem to begin with – they have no reason to sell their chometz
Q. I have reason to believe that Dunkin Donuts stores are selling non-kosher products, specifically real bacon. How can this be? 
A. The product they are  selling is produced by Worthington foods and has the OK supervision it is protein and plant based.